DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner Challenge

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This is a DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner Challenge with Naiah TV. We decided to try our hand at making a fidget spinner out of Gallium.


Makyah Kennedy says:

I love you naiah

Mayameen Ihsan says:

Soooooooo cool!!!!!

Gairy Ramlal says:

Yes you DIY this do that because that was so much fun big fan of naiah TV and Elli TV

Tayshawna Castellanos says:

I want you to do diy galyom nales

Tayshawna Castellanos says:

I really really really really really love love love love figet spinners

Golden njoku says:

yes do more DIY fidget spinners

Golden njoku says:

gallium is cool

Dinna Olivier says:

i love fitigitspinner

Unibutt Jr. says:

I really like your JOJO bow

Tawana Kamanga says:

glow in the dark figit

Baby girls So lit says:

Fidget spinner fan😍😍😻😻

julie smith says:

I love them so much.

Dahiana Tejeda says:


Beautiful Owens says:

I am a figit fan

Nonita Taylor says:

The big sinner

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