DIY Spiral Gallium Fidget Spinner – LIQUID METAL Spinner

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DIY Spiral Gallium Fidget Spinner. The next spinner of gallium with a spiral pattern

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Fidget Spinner DIY

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Action Intro Scene 7 - Andreas Ericson
Battle Cry 1 - Gustavsson & Sandberg

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Petsdiy says:

My favorite viewers write which animal your favorite

Assault Team Alpha says:

You know there arent ANY figet spinners like this cuz it has no unstabilized weight on the edges which makes it spin longer…and this is all balanced so it spins dramaticaly shorter.

ArtuuusxDdde says:

This spinnee is shit

Gică Tampon says:

dave hax :/

Edyta Przystolik says:



Benny lennys says:

Bunny rabbit 😀

BaconOnToazt - RocketLeague & more! says:

You copied Dave hax

Carmen Brenner says:


wilson garnett says:


Eknoor Mangat - Sandalwood Heights SS (2442) says:

I also use to have a gold fish

Eknoor Mangat - Sandalwood Heights SS (2442) says:

I like ur hedgehogs

Eknoor Mangat - Sandalwood Heights SS (2442) says:

Dave had also did

SupeRr MonkeYy says:

yeah i'm the Second

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