DIY Stress/Therapy/ADHD Fidget

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"Leopard Print Elevator" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


M.M.M vlog says:

what the pink thing called? i realy don't know.

Saad Shaikh says:

I'm so fucking addicted to this 🙃

Jessica Alexander says:

if you don't have the thing from the bicycle chain, you can use beads instead

thequietshodan says:

hey that's cool. is there a way I can get ahold of loose chain links? I do not have access to that tool you used or even the name of the tool. I would like to make one for my son. thank you

Ester Olsen says:

awesome, thank you this will help be get the right thing. Nice invention. 🙂

Ester Olsen says:

what is that red rubber band that u used? just wondering which one would do the trick ? 🙂

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