Dog vs Fidget Spinner

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Kami Fleming says:

LOL!!!!!! Really adorable dog! It was hilarious!!

Ryan fan channel says:

is that dog a pitbull

Salvador Espinoza says:

Tas pendeja

anko8aug says:

I have a led light figet spinning the dog will hate it more.

anko8aug says:

the dog doesn't like it

Terra MacKeigan says:

my dog too!!! i wonder if it makes a noise we cant hear?! my dog kept crying

Axles Workshop says:

Watch me with fidget spinners!

Wolf Lover says:

Wow! Your dog is gorgeous! Such an adorable face!😄

Ness Rockin says:

He's like get that thing away from me!!😆😆

ParmaJohn3374 Official says:

ATech Reviews says:

Cute! Challenge you to do this:

Ricardo m says:

what I love about ur pit, is that he goes for the bite

LJ says:

Boofer doin a B I G heckin concern

TheGoodChap says:

I like the whale eye

Eevee Girl says:

Lol lol lol lol so much lol!

Riley says:

Check out my video of my dog and a Fidget!

Gedas Meksriunas says:

Hey, We run the page Viral Thread with over 15m followers and would love to feature your video with credit linking back to your original video.

Drop me an email on: Thanks 😉

Facundo Lopez Bouille says:

Really cute dog !

Luis TheGoldenCastle says:

Lol nice vid

Blue Dog Thing says:

My dog hates it too

UAV marky says:

cool vid, i done a vid of same title different outcome 🙂

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