Don’t spray paint a fidget spinner!

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AmI NaL says:

You should have taken out the bearings so it would WORK!!!😑

Zuhayr Ali says:

do you know how to talk idiot uaghniughuisdhuihe sua

Mason Adkins says:

Your supposed to take the bearings out

Isaiahh Vlogs says:

Bra You still had the bearing in take it out then spray paint it

X_IRoN _Rod_x says:

Your supposed to take it apart then spray paint

lone wolf gaming says:

ur an idiot

Freewill2kill says:

He should change the title of the video two I broke my fidget spinner instead of misguiding people

Erin Troutt says:

your an idiot take the barrins out

TheYoutubeNinja says:

Omg so stupid you didn't take the bearings out

D_ANG3L .22 says:

It doesn't take five minutes it depends what paint your using and don't touch it when is steel wet if you touch its going to leave your finger print.

Diego Hodges says:


Idontknowaname says:

And take out the bearings out of it and spray the plastic don't spray the bearings it'll rust

Idontknowaname says:

Don't expect it to dry after like 5 minutes it'll take a whole day if it has to

Omar Safa says:

Why do you keep on saying but your just like but but but

dhiana ayudhitya says:

you are a noob,i mean you don't get off the bearing! 😬😑

dhiana ayudhitya says:

imean 3:40

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