Duebel Droplet Fidget Spinner Review – Smooth,Modular, and CHEAP!

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Snofuzz says:

It was this video that I bought this duebel.. Very very heavy but very smooth, quiet. Very relaxing. Totally worth the price.

Blakdog333 says:

Does anyone know how to get the bearing out?
Answer… Yes, use one of the droplet to push the bearing out, or put one of the six droplets on table and press the bearing to get the bearing out. In this way you will not damage the bearing.
By DUEBEL Direct SELLER on May 22, 2017

The Red Panda says:

I got mine for 8 dollars and the bearing is removable

Playing Games says:

Ordered they added a bearing lock retention (so the bearing is removable) and different hybrid ceramic bearings I'll update when it arrives


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Billy Clague says:

I really want one I think your awesome

tim hellman says:

no twisted it is not a press-fit bearing little bitty notches under one of the camps on one side it is a safety lock for the bearing to keep it from coming out love your Channel love your Vape reviews electronic reviews in spinner reviews but my favorite is your life Vlogs please do more

can a brother get a shout-out tim

Charles Venter says:

mine is brass and the bearing comes out. lol

Charles Venter says:

mine is brass and the bearing comes out. lol

XxDomno87xX says:

which is better this thing or the ISpin spinner?

Hastaqq Naz¡boy says:

тнanĸ yoυ ѕo мυcн ғor тнe revιew вroтнer..and ι goт a 1 qυeѕтιon ?..нow вoυт тнe вмw ѕpιnner ?

Brian Masunas says:

i would really like to know the name of the other spinner you showed. i really want one

Milad Alkhatib YA KHWAN says:

I got it for 18$

HiJynx says:

why does it look so weird af when he spins it?

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