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Get the best EDC Rainbow Propeller Bar Fidget Spinner you can get. The one R188 size bearing is secured inside the unit with a screw cap. The caps are then screwed together to fit to the bearing. This spinner only fits the R188 size bearing, which is a different size than the bearings we sell individually. The EDC Propeller Bar Fidget Spinner gives great spin times. This spinner is CNC machined out of high quality brass.

Metal spinners may make more noise than a plastic or acrylic spinner.


eating 28441 says:

i would buy it if it was not wobbly


1/5 to much wobble and for the same price I got a dope rainbow one

damn brah says:

Alright everyone complaining about wobble if that matters so much, then get a two arm spinner the wobble is practically undectable but don't turn it on its side

Fire Gamer says:

So autistic

Dude Dank says:

Do you guys actually make this?

Dude Dank says:

can you guys at least do something to fix the wobble? I mean comon man. I was gonna get this but now im not sure

TheGamingGrape17 says:

Great spinner! Im absolutely going to buy this

Amado Martinez-Gomez says:

way too much wobble

Michael Brewington says:

wobbly 👎

Anthony Davidson says:

Why is it so wobbly? I thought your company sold quality fidget spinners? I think you can order the same spinner on eBay for a dollar and it can be more smooth…

Noah Cortes says:

Is it suppose to wobble like that cause my just came in and has a wobble?

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