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DK Films says:

If I get lucky some how(again) and this gets over 200k views i'll do something really dumb and film it lol

Accidentally Awesome says:

Nice video hope you guys go viral again soon!

Nina O says:

hey i just want to say hi to hermam maxes fraind and your videos are awesome

Burrito Guy says:

Your little brother is a legand tell him I said that and u are real good to 😊

Afrodita Luna says:

lol my class got a freaking fidget spinner y'all know why because a bought one and the my friend bought it then like tree More friend got one and I'm just gonna sell them

Annyomous The corrupt fear us honest support us says:

In the thumbnail lol pokemon fan!!!!

Betsey Kimes says:

I subbed can you sub to me

Wasan Uy says:

your guys are only joking

Dean Longden says:

You're such a beg

Cruel says:

it's been a while since u uploaded and keep it the great work and also can u give me a shoutout???

Victor says:

Nice vid Donald πŸ‘

wassup yt says:

savage thoπŸ”₯πŸ’―

thepimpcholo says:

long time no see but cool video keep up the good work I wasn't getting notifications from your channel till today don't know why

KiA Clan says:

Finally my bro

hey me says:

pin this please

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