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In this video we do cool experiments with fireworks and fidget spinners!

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In this video we show you just how awesome fidget spinners and fireworks can be when you play with them together!

Background Music
T-Mass & Jaxxtone - Gave To Me [NCS Release] Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qno1qzek-hw


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Abigail Yadira Ramírez Alcaraz says:

Hola qué padre está ese comentario pero qué chulo en serio oye me gusta los cuates si eso y Alison soy Lina Luna rayen Boy's niñas que si porfis cállate Dylan👌🏻

بوبيت كرافت/ bobet craft says:


Alex Gaming Ro says:

I like fire spinner

Kaja Duchek says:

ti svine figet spiner

Ken Van De Perre says:

je filmpjes zijn geweldig Amaryllis

Hieu Dao says:

Nuke a fidget spinner!

meher shaik says:

can you see what strange thing is there at 3:22

Lucky Day says:

мне одному смешно на 2:39?

Meow Cat says:

The second one the Fidget Spinner went fast

Me:WOAH FLASH! seconds later
Poor Fidget Spinner

Dopenessboss games says:

these are the kinds of videos I find myself watching at 4 in the morning


Hermano jaja

S k says:


S k says:

Can u give me some spinners please

milagros tabanan says:

please say it please

milagros tabanan says:

what song is that

Santhosh Koottalakkal Santhosh Koottalakkal says:

can u gave me the spinners

Yash Sharma says:

I like it video

Joan Davis says:

Can I get some of your fidget spinner

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