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In this video we took 8 Fidget spinners and we combined them with over 50,000 matches, this project took months to finish but we finally got there, with a crazy amount of time, hot glue and of course matches we were ready to let the chain reaction of match heads to start. Watch as we place the last few boxes of matches onto an old plastic table using hot glue from a hot glue gun, place the 8 fidget spinners on top, and you guessed it.. watch the flames!

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Anonimo America De Cali says:

Este es el vídeo más TONTO del mundo mejor se fuera sentado ese bobohijodeputa q invento eso fuera puesto el culo

Angelica Hamelitz says:

That’s really stupid to do

Gregory Codd says:

Foll u do a bitch

عبدالرحمن الخطيب says:

حرام تبذير

Khushank Sisodiya says:

Bhai tere bap ki machis ki factory hai kya

Varun Mahenderker says:

What u will get by doing this
waste of matchsticks

Mounia Zioud says:


Mohamad Aahil says:

A kid also may not do such things to get subscribe

Mohamad Aahil says:

Such a fool

ridwan hakiki says:

sepinner ya buat aku aja bang

репер шоу says:

Fullmag governor

Pagal Jo says:

pese jyada. he. kya aap ke pass

Josh Brenner says:

You took a little too long to get to the point of the video,we didn't need to repeatedly see you hot glueing matches

Michelle Lejano says:

Give me all your fidget

Pokecart says:


Fondren Neil says:

Why do you care ppl when they waste money? They have a lot ! So dont worry! They know their limits!

Rani Dzikri says:

Omg spinner😵😵😵😵

Ben Meyer says:

All the fuckin pollution Comments are funny, that’s nothing compared to other things that pollute the earth way more, the computer they used to comment with caused pollution! They should just get back in their Prius’s (that also pollute the earth badly) and fuck off 😂

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