Exponential decay – why your fidget spinner won’t spin for longer

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Matt's video: https://youtu.be/OWCAlJ1vsqc

My second unlisted video: https://youtu.be/JIWcFvLwITk

I measure how the speed of a fidget spinner changes to show why it's so hard to get one to spin for substantially longer.

This is the fidget pinner I use: http://amzn.to/2sKfEGT

Here's the raw data: https://pastebin.com/raw/neb8qPg5

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kashish h says:

the speed becomes 0 when the spinner finally stops so how is it an exponential decay?

gedanken welten says:

Haha, I had the same idea about measuring the speed, I think I even used the same app xD .

William L says:

Hi Steve, you might be interested in this for long spins … https://youtu.be/zfV0pA6prbw

TechTom says:

maybe you both just calculated the speed of the air coming out of those cans 🙂

Leon Wehkamp says:

The Fuck, the loading icon is a Fidget Spinne…

Darshan Kovath says:

Most people buy fidget spiners because everyone has one

SquareRootOf2 says:

Steve looks like Aidan Quinn.

Rushiraj Jawale says:

A first order chemical reaction or radioactive decay. You are explaining the concept of half life.

R Radar says:

What is the app being used?

MrNobodyX3 says:

Fun fact: press the numbers on your numpad fast to see the youtube buffer as a spinner

Trex7576 says:

The simple answer is friction and aerodynamics

fernandoanimator says:

What if you change the geometry of the spinner while decelerating? Like a helicopter blade.

iTz PiXeL says:

its looks like you gonna break and laugh every second

Meddlmoe says:

Drag energy is proportional to the speed cubed

Pregma Sogma says:

4:09 #EpicFail

Spencer rodden says:

Just do some calculus.

Russ Andrew says:

Someone with more free time than me might model a simple damping system and solve the differential equation.

Chounoki says:

Most people buy fidgets because they see other people buying them, and they don't have a brain to decide for themselves.

Benjamin Brooks says:

The tip speed doesn't matter, the rpm does.

Bupeldox says:

Its not the stroboscopic effect, u just cant spin a spigit finner

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