Fan Mail Haul Opening Letters From You Guys and new fidget spinner with Princess Ella

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Hey Guys, so as you know I am now accepting fan mail. In this video I am opening and reading some of the mail that you guys sent. I really enjoyed seeing all the thoughtful artwork and sweet letters, so keep them coming.Sorry, but I had to Throw in one of my new fidget spinners;) I hope you enjoy the video and please remember to Like, Share and subscribe.
Fan mail address:

princess ella's world
3070 Lakecrest circle suite 400-264
Lexington, KY 40513

click the link for my instagram

my is


Dante Stanley says:

Hey Ella Are You Real?!?

Sadiya Thaseen says:

Hi ella I am a 6 grade girl and I am 11 year

Alicia Todaro says:

I am Maggie from the video ella thanks for not reading my email out loud I sent it a while ago and I have been waiting to see the video.

Raduha Nejc says:

zaljubljen sem v tebe

Amber Brown says:

Ella what is your address

Briley Price says:

Where do you live and what's your address what state do you live in

Fun At War! says:

I'M ALYSSA!!!!!!!!!!😂😀😁😍😘😅😆😉

Whitney Tullis says:

Yes tomorrow is my last day of school 2017 June 13

Tuesday Wednesday Girlios says:

wait i'm younger than you and i'm going into 7th grade…?

Marie JOnes says:

I had to cause my mom is a teacher there!👍👌🏻

Brooklyn Bailey says:

My name is Brooklyn

Carl Wawrzyniak says:

i love all your bio

curtis axley says:

I'll try to listen to a BBA and it was bad this song hey lady if you

Brooklyn Simpson says:

you got mine

Stella Marie says:

I had to but I am going to be home schooled this year

Cole Vlogz says:

I'm now a 3rd grader

annsmusic1 says:

Are you going to college or not

Matthew Eoods says:

Hey you're are hot 😍😍😍😍😍

lagorda131 says:

how many shopkins do you have

lagorda131 says:

How old are you princess ella

Mazzy Trifari-Nelson says:

also checkout guava juice,toy freaks,seven perfect angels

Mazzy Trifari-Nelson says:

i wish i cood meat you in real life icsecpt youtube and send you fan mail if i do and you open it on youtube you don't know how much paper's you'll get from me my favorite videio is the daness i'm in comtemparie 2 i'm almost to 3 you are vary nice from:mazzy

Naomi Zurn says:

Hey Ella 😘😘❤️💜💜💓💕

Ashely 22 says:

I am going to 6th grade to but school isn't over

Ethan Hubbs says:

your 12 rit

All_around_ Grace says:

What middle school are u going too

Mary T Schimminger says:

princess Ella's world hi my name is Maryann I'm 11 years old I'm going to 6th grade as well and I'm and I have 4 more days of school left

Emma Higginbotham says:

I go to school on the last day

Caleb White says:

Is it bizarre that Athena the god of wisdom is writing to you?

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