Fidget Cube vs Fidget Spinner – What’s the Difference & What’s it For?

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So what exactly is the difference and what is better a fidget cube or fidget hand spinner? Let me know which one you guys prefer in the comments.

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Fidget toys in this video:

LEDeng Cube:

Buyten Six Arm Spinner Fidget Brass Rainbow



Patrick Mayhew says:

Great review on your spinners i really like the brass spinner with the arms super sweet

Justin Vaz says:

Give me one plz plz give me one fidget spinner plz 👍 I live in India Goa

mickeyda awesomegamermouz says:

May I get any fidget spinner please!! I LIVE IN THE US

Debbie Blume says:

this vid was so good!!! i love the dragon eye one im from the usa

Zidane Mohammed says:

D hand spinner looks cool bro an from Trinidad 🇹🇹

T J says:

Both have their charms.
Fidget cube has more fidgeting choices, and would be better for someone with small hands for single handed fidgeting.
Fidget spinner looks cooler, specially if tricks are done but even while spinning normally; and obviously the design options are unlimited.

Kelsey Reid says:

I love all your videos!

Kids Cartoon says:

Can you please give me your fidget cube I live in Bangladesh

Abhiram Lanka says:

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

Abhiram Lanka says:

And I love this video

Abhiram Lanka says:

I like spinners they will win

Jayden Bowlin says:

I really want please they are pretty ?
Jayden Bowlin

Itsme_ shortyb says:

Its a cube and a spinner

fidgets live says:

I love the spinner than the cube

fidgets live says:

Who likes his videos before watching it

Piyush Sangole says:

# I want a fidget spinner India, Maharashtra , Latur

Ebaad Ghani says:

Amazing Video!! Thanks for telling us the difference between the both.
From: Pakistan

Christopher Jack Coleman says:

I will like to have a Fidget Spinner

Charzrhaine Archer says:

I can see plastic fidget spinners in my country but never a fidget cube. I always wonder why. In forums or comments they said that fidget cube is really effective for people with adhd or just for boredom, but it is the thing I can't even find here…

Bonnie Pittman says:

can I have one I live in WA and I use my moms account big supporter thx big fan

ROX ROX says:

I love spinners! they're cool to play!😘

Diwash Gurung says:

I need fidget cube
I am from 🇳🇵 kathmandu kapan baluwakhani

Abeer Barman says:

you are the best – I hope I win someday

Suhail RIzwan says:

I m subscribed I live in America I really need one I have ADHD please have one

Matt Brew says:

Back up the brinks truck with spinners inside!

Jaya Rekha says:

nice video..I love the spinners than cubes

Kayln Chavis says:

thank you for telling us some really cool information about the difference about them both and BTW nice video

Muritai Paki says:

Hay guys what u doing


Read the first 2 words

Ely Montoya says:

i want a figet spinner plz

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