Fidget Spinner 3D Model Full Tutorial | Autodesk Inventor

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With real bearings! Yeaahh using the bearing generator to create a genuine silly toy, which I guess you could 3D print once finished. Beginners tutorial for modelling up a fidget spinner!

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Elijah Jacobo says:


signzonepr says:

What is your gpu? Awesome

Ahmet Yasar says:

17:58 see you make the drive th spin… there THE LEFT Side how can make that side appear in my inventor

Ahmet Yasar says:

i dont have the component sector in the left where you basicly make all your calculations how can i open it?

Деннис Неудачник says:

man, your work is good.

Connor Tice says:


naithaniel56 says:

This made me want pizza

Bogdan Sheikh says:

So Satisfying

Dotch Minecraft ☆ says:

how did you do the custom buffering gif type?

bill says:

You Rock!!!

Shan Ismaili says:

I have tried soo hard to make this, but i failed! Thank you for the class, and sharing your generous time!

Krilium says:

"it'll be reet" – Every Northerner (2017)

Paul M. says:

360 divide into 3… WOW!..

ZXAQXZyt says:

Hey Neil, I know this is a Decently Old Video, But can you either Make a Video or Tell me how to add Caps over the Bearings if you can do that?
Many Thanks

RaidenLP says:

thanks for teaching me how to do my current project

manobrass says:

It was worth watching the whole video just for the fillet. Thanks Neil!

Drone man from Nepal says:

got a bit confused abt depth and the thickness of a bearing. depth of bearing which is 7mm , i belive its extruded size of the part and then the inner diamter 8. I didnt quite understand what inner diameter u were talking abt .

Oscar Rios says:

thanks, coo, stuff

Mahmoud Lopany says:

I use ast bearings generator.
because Inventor doesn't list the parameters when selecting.
but after seeing the way you select I might give it another spin.
Keep the good work Neil.

Jeremy Fincher says:

As much as you do Inventor for beginners, I can offer you basic arithmetic for instructors… The calculator move will be long remembered!!
Just love your shows – have watched them all and often go back on old ones for tips!

scottspeig says:

I don't have BSI – and when I do the bearings bit, there are no options to select… Any clues?

Drone man from Nepal says:

i first hit like your video and then only watch them . thumbs up if you do the same as me

soixantecroissants says:

Instead of using the windows calculator you can just tell the pattern bar 360/3 for the angle. Works a treat.

Ivan Llopis says:

Perfect Neil! Love how you stick to the fashion, but however teaching us good modelling stuff!

The Trust says:

Everyday we stray further from God.

Max Max says:

Any video on how to make a model that can print 2 colors combined?

NoName says:

Instead of using the calculator to determine the array angle of the bearings, you should just use "360/3" in the dialog box.

Ed says:

Perfect timing!
We just scrapped a bunch of old computers and I saved the hard drives for the magnets inside (also wanted to destroy them personally), when I was disassembling them I found a bearing that I think will work great in these. I hope to make a few this weekend for my nephews. Thanks for the video.
Cheers mate!

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