Fidget Spinner – 3D Printed Glow in the Dark Fidgeting Fun

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Friendly Review of Gears-n-Gizmos Classic Pocket Spinner. I review how well this hand spinner works, the spin time, and how well it glows. Overall I really like this fidget toy and would recommend it.


Shant The Building Master says:

Mine spins for 7:34.76

Thatcher RainbowSix Team says:

pffffff my fidget spinner spins one and a half minutes

R3ider says:

Can the bearings be switched out?

neon_cacti says:

Hey, nice video. I was wondering about the caps, though. They offer various colors for their caps, however, in all their preview images they only show the spinner with a middle cap. So did you order yours with glow in the dark caps and you got the black middle one, or how did you request it otherwise?

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