Fidget Spinner and Fidget Cube Giveaway! Product review and unboxing video 711 Fidget Spinner

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The fidget cube and spinners are awesome gadgets / toys for people to help relieve stress and anxiety. They help people stay focused and calm throughout the day so that they can be more productive. Awesome little toys and concept. Interested in getting your own fidget cube, check out the links below. Purchases do help support the channel. Thank you.

Fidget cube:

Fidget spinner:

Fidget spinner:

Video equipment:

Zoom H5 Handy Portable Recorder & APH5 Accessories Kit

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black) - (video recorded with)

Interested in sending me something to unbox and review? Please send products to the following address:

Chimpo Gaming
PO Box 3272
Kingman, AZ 86402

Thank you very much for helping to support the channel and my content. I really appreciate it.

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Travis Holmes says:


Travis Holmes says:

# frigid Nation

Lakeysha Weaver says:

I love your videos plz pick me i dont have money for fighet spinner

vanessa vargas says:

I love your videos I hope I win

Maya Murillo Hernandez murillo says:

I did everything to get a figit

Luisa Faletagaloa says:


Elizabeth Zuñiga says:

can you give me the fidget spinners

Jackie Conner says:

Can I get the figet cube please

Jackie Conner says:

Can I get the figet cube please

Dread Lord says:

my favorite colors!!!!

Fuck Trump says:

Fidget spinner is shit useless they don't do anything like shoot or kill they stupide just spin

Kirstine Maceda says:

I love fidget spinner 😍😍😍

Nereyda Cabrera says:

the orange paper sais fidet

stay awesome minty says:

fidget cube plese I live on NACY LN my impart ment number is 111

Ecliset Ortiz says:

I have that same exact fidget spinner



sebastian krapels says:

Can I have a figit spinner please

fajr Wadi says:

can i get a figet cube plesase

pineapple says:

u r a kid… ahahhaha.. no hate

Cooper Kauffman says:

#FidgetNation #Chimpo

bazookq ツ says:

pls give me

Joey Sampson says:

fidget Nation

Joey Sampson says:

No and don't call me bro you spam people name and that get you block idiotGidget Nation

Joey Sampson says:

can I get a fidget spinner

celeste aguilar says:

#chimpo your the best

Kristeona Carter says:

#FidgetNation #Chimpo

Angrod Daily says:


mighty squirrel says:


Bailey Barrett says:

#chimpo and #fidgetnation

Bailey Barrett says:

#fidgetnation #chippo

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