Fidget spinner bearing removal tool DIY

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I make and show you how to use a bearing press to remove press fit and glued bearings.

I got everything at home depot. I used 2 1/4" washers, 1 1/4"x4" bolt, 2 1/4" nuts, and 1 nylon spacer. The nylon spacer you'll need to find one the fits the outer race of the bearing.


Zertael says:

If you can find an eye bolt long enough it's really handy. Between that and the wingnut I don't need tools for any of the ones I've removed so far.

Alan Gonzalez says:

Is there a nylon spacer you can use to get a 608 bearing out?

Jamie Templeton says:

What size spacer is it? Did U find it in the fastener isle?

Nathan Schmoekel says:

That's a pretty slick and simple set-up! Well done.

TheSuperCamper1 says:

Now for a bearing installation video haha

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