Fidget Spinner Box Challenge!

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Chel Hurtado says:

Bad chanel and bad spinners and the box looks super fake

Hibban Shahbaz Hibban Shahbaz says:

hello . I like your video . please my spinner video. my 14 best fidget spinner. I love you

Zunaira Shahbaz says:

I love your spinners . I have 14 spinner . Watch my video. My 14 bset fidget spinner

Darwin Guevara says:

I like your fidget spinners and can I get some and I live from Philippines


Good video 👍

Blake.s 100 says:

can you send me a fidget spiners i live in georiga acworth georgia ridge mill my phone number is 6786087928

Will Coomans says:

Stupid ass monkey butt poop head looking bitch ass the fuck you copy Evantube hd for. So fake.

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