Fidget Spinner Box Design

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Want to know if Fidget Spinners can make you smarter?

Check out the machining process on the prototype spinners

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Legion of Weirdos says:

Came here from Joe's channel. Nice edit at 2:50! Random side thought… "Answers with Joe"… "Greg's Garage"… my brain smashed that into "Joe's Garage" and now I'll be singing Zappa all day.

Nice channel… new subscriber here.

GasserGlass says:

A+A+A+A+ Video ….. "Reinventing The Wheel" is the hardest design of all, yet you do it often in some form & fashion!!! …… Your, always honest "No Spin" dialog (no pun) and pride in your efforts makes you stand out from most others! …… Why DARPA hasn't tried to draft you is beyond me?

Bruce Cardwell says:

Amazing. I got some bills to get out of the way, but I'll be ordering one of these for my soon-to-be 15 year old son.

RamblinAround says:

Looks really high quality…nice job guys!

Christophe picalausa says:

wouaaa tres beau

MrBlueroads says:

very impressive, i reckon im still under a rock 10-4

Heath Knuckles says:

Nice job guys! Looks great!

Works by Solo says:

Getting the hang of that router. Nice work !

cutworm59 says:

Now I know you know that I have no knowledge of what a fidget spinner is. Learning through my bubba in KC! Thanks very kindly!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Really interesting case design. Love it!

blazingnailgun says:

I want to do a, um, er, three way…………..collaboration. The table saw segments scared me bro. Gonna send you a Shocker Stick….. 🙂

1970chevelle396 says:

A lot of work goes into that.

Jay Tomes says:

3 Way…. Don't let your Meat loaf!

Jerry's This and That says:

Well done sir. Hope you sell a quadzillion of them.I am with you on watching that machine throwing chips. Its memorizing. So is your CNC router. I picked it would spin for 22 minutes and 38 seconds because that is a good time for me and I always lasted that… well I best not go there and then again not sure I would last 22:38 in a 3 way…… collaboration LMAO

Seth Galitzer says:

Thumbs up on the design and build quality. I remain to be convinced on the usefulness of fidget toys.

CountrySideClub says:

Greg I tell you this spinner came out nice, now my question is why I haven't heard of one of these until I saw your video lol..CJ

jevchance says:

Looks awesome Greg.

Mike Jones says:

it should be called the Bow Tie

Woodeso's Guitar Mods says:

Looks amazing brother!

Keith1212 says:

Now that's quality!

gA says:

What……no……"Don't let your meat loaf"

snocrushr says:

Both buttons for me 👍👍

GreenShortz DIY says:

Nice looking fidget spinner, Greg! Where can I buy one? I think your philosophy on the box is true. The others will surely be discarded, where your box will be kept as a display. Nice work.

Practical Renaissance says:

Thats a really awesome product, I love the attention you devoted to making it perfect!!

Markomyt1 says:

Too cool… makes me want to fidget.

ceedell says:

Great finished product Greg & Tom!

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