Fidget Spinner Buying Tips – How to ensure safety of your kid while using Fidget spinner

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In this video, I present the key things you should consider while buying fidget spinner


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For your kids safety, you must
watch this video before buying


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- You have seen, Fidget spinner are very popular among children and young people
- Recently there have been reports that fidget spinner are being recalled from shelves due to Safety concerns
- In Market, there are fidget spinners that features LED lights with Lithium-ion batteries, which can cause internal bleeding if ingested
- Fidget spinners are made of small parts, which can be dangerous if injested. Few days ago. an Indiana girl nearly choked on metal piece that flew off fidget spinner. A photo of an x-ray showed the fidget spinner's one metal bearing stuck in her stomach. These small parts are really a choking hazards

- Recently, German custom officials have tested the toys and found that fidget spinners parts could fall off and pose a possible choking hazard for small children
- They have confiscated 35 metric tons of Fidget spinners imported from China and decided to CRUSH them all

- If you are buying Fidget spinner, please purchase from reputable shop and ensure that safety warnings can be clearly seen on the packaging

- Please also check the instructions to use it and information about the company producing it on the packaging
- Please read and make your kid understand to be careful while using it
- You should ensure that your kid knows how to safely play with it. You should rather watch them playing with it at least a few times

Please don’t be reckless while buying Fidget Spinner, this can cause an tragic accident. Stay careful and keep your kids safe!!

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