FIDGET SPINNER CHALLENGES AND GAMES! Multiple uses for a Fidget Spinner!

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Damian, Deion and Dad do several challenges and mini games with fidget spinners! Damian and Deion use them for other things but it is not safe!! Bloody!!

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mexicanapple xx says:

who else was using a fidget spinner during this vid

Miguelito Valles says:

Mine's better it has Bluetooth

april rose micah ignacio says:


april rose micah ignacio says:

me im playing or spinning while im watching this video

utkarsh Soni says:

please don't maje ugly faces boys

Christine Briseno says:

Mexican apple XXL I AM

Malachi Jones says:

I wish I had brothers like you guys

Mariam zaki says:

Atchu atchu

John chad Dexter says:

Can I have the wheel fidget spinner please

Jeevan Nand says:

@9:41 Deion accidently cheated lol

Jay Putney says:

I was watching this using my fidget spinner

Ankita Lodhavia says:

Hey guys,
what is the track you guys are using during the spinner tower?

Elias Arbanas says:

how long does the wheel spinner c go for because I'm thinking about getting one but if it doesn't spin long than I don't want it

Jio Tube says:

Deion Dabed lol

julian gaming says:

i ate thes people

Dawn Hurst says:

so cool dudes

LG UserExample says:

tell your kids that fidget spinners are the creation of the devil and you see them as profit

The Brothers of Bash says:

damian deion told you bless you and you were being rude that is messed up

Jonathan46464 Bernabe4646 says:

you scare me

Diego Godinez says:

where you live

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