FIDGET SPINNER Chinese Bearing VS Japanese Bearing

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saru sharma says:

You just spinned the spinner with Japanese bearing again

Saturn's Highway says:

Where can we buy this Japanese bearing?

Marconi Veiga Azini says:

Mentira esse video6

Ayaanheer Ayaanheer says:

It's fake

Chopada Uday says:

Sabse zyada accha india he 😎

Naruto Uzumaki says:

I love Japan too guys but did vid is fake dis guy is playing d same part multiple times to make it seem like the fidget is super fast.Totally not opposing Japan.Japan rocks.
日本 クール

sabita Thapa says:

Japan is the bestttt

Nived Sreekumar says:

Both are fake he spind it 3 time's

nandalal bose says:

japan is the best

Kamla Agarwal says:

fake in China one the time was increaseing slowly but in Japanese one it was fast you can see again

Umer Subhab says:

Wo Liquid Kia Cheez Thi Koi Mujhey Btaye Ga Please?

Guilherme Oliveira says:


Bradley Chang says:

Are u put the vineger or water

Van Fofo says:

Fake lol when it will stop (japan) u spin it again because it get slower then initiately fast

rishabh lamba says:

i like japan and its fake

thomson _gamer says:

i like indonesian

Clã Dos Gatos says:

I hate China

Madhav Agarwal says:

Totally fake

Ajeet Kumar says:

totally fake

Santiago Komarovsky says:

alguien de aqui habla en español ?

Shivam Krishnan says:

Its fake repeating video or reversing the video

GAMER 4 LIFE says:

U all have targeted China China is best haha no japan

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