Fidget Spinner Fire Tornado – Poppy Does Science

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Make a mini fire tornado using a fidget spinner. Everyone always makes really big fire tornadoes, which look really cool, but I wanted to show you how to make a mini one using a fidget spinner

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I was also Timstar's Junior Scientist. You can find the videos I made for them here:


Undeadendertroll says:

XD fidget spinner😂😂😂😂 poppy presents

SeanHodgins says:

Simple project, elegant outcome. Nice work!

Nick Richards says:

This was so cool to watch!!

bobthegiraffemonkey says:

Steve Mould sent me from Twitter. Finally, a good use for a fidget spinner! Only had a quick look at your channel so far, but I expect you'll be getting a lot more subscribers once more people see your content.

Letterbox Lab says:

This is the best use for a fidget spinner we have ever seen! Genius!

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