Fidget Spinner Hair Curl Style Curling my Hair with my Fidget Spinners

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Fidget Spinner Youtuber Hair Style Curling my Hair with my Fidget Spinners. This hair curl style video shows you how to use your fidget spinners as curlers for your hair.

This is the best fidget spinner hair accessory out there, see what you can achieve by placing your fidget spinners in your hair and use them to curl your hair.

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Dah Dah says:

You look annoying and you sound annoying 😡

Ali Harrop says:

My sister lives u so much and she doesn't stop watching u and jojo siwa

#emojiqueen says:

doing it now not worked

Billy Kan says:


Nicki stone says:

i world go out in public

Sahira Quintero Hunt says:

Lol there called fidget Spinners

fabreen and angel in wonderland says:

squiget fingers hahahahahahahahahahaha evelyn is fidget spinner

Chyanne Hall says:

Can I please have a shout-out? thanks!

Millie.Elizabeth _ says:

Amazing video!!

Becca Bexx says:

Your so cute!!! is it possible if I can get a shoutout

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