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In today's video Sub and Steve face off in an epic build battle by building a FIDGET SPINNER house and a TNT house!
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Shreyas Shankar says:

subzero if you put something like a pressure plate also it would blast anything of Redstone would blast the TNT

Shreyas Shankar says:

silly me I thought that you were gonna place a torch and then you did not have time to escape and blasted with the steve

Ahmed Mohamed says:

you talk so much

Saddiqa Zahid says:

fidget spinner house nice tnt house nice

Susan Logan says:

Sub builds fast!

Caelan Ledger-Green says:

Steve he tryed

Jolene Workman says:

Pleases cheek out jolene workman's Chanel

Epic gamer girl Yilmaz says:

We are your favs we wont laugh or make fun

Franca Nwaneri says:

Steaves building is fine but I like extream good TNT house I like EXTREAM

Raindowprincesskittygirl Rainbow dash says:

I know sub l seek him in roblox not Minecraft l was walking and lm following to subMy Dream l sleep in the robloxLike it!!!

Darwin Foster says:

Lol my really amazing tnt house will beat Steve

Mika Johnson says:

Go figget spinner house

Zane Brody says:

Subs real face is john doe

Cathy lim says:

The both house is cool😎😎

Elizabeth Davis says:

I think it is not bad! 😊😊😊😊

Jack Pickell says:

Subzero you. Want. Your TNT. house. To Boom 💥

melchor montanez says:

Won steave because ilove figget spiner

altreb bansil says:

Its is sow amazing

Cheryl Gruber says:

Omg sub said the h word

Nigel Bradshaw says:

Poor Steve I’m voting for Steve because he has never been in a build battle before even though you always win and you thorcher him

Mariah Jin Jin Sullivan says:

poor steve !!!

Zack slayer says:

fight better because with try house people will blow it up

Henry Xi says:

Go both of you guys Sub and Steve!

Kelly McKane Parkinson says:

Subzero you won

Jackson Parrott says:

Sub when you get 2,000,000 subscribers can you please start doing face cam videos

Gabrielle Genereux says:

Um you should of made a

Jeanette Lysberg says:

The spiner house wins

Ronald Ryan Agapito says:

sub zero win

hmoobsibhlub hmong says:

Awesome tnt House sub-zero

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