Fidget spinner how to make no bearings no toothpicks

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Works! How to make a fidget spinner with no bearings or tooth picks, I use common household items to make a fidget spinner, that anyone can make. Diy fidget spinner. Cheap way to make a fidget spinner. This fidget spinner really works. How to make a fidget spinner out of paper.


CraftyLori Lori Simonson says:

DIY paper fidget spinner. Without bearings. Without toothpicks.

Marji Miller says:

So cool! Thanks Lori!

Kateri Burnett says:

I have never seen one in this shape, we have the one with 3 or triangle it spins really nice. I like the way you did the center piece. Oh and by the way they are out of stock in all the stores here in Indiana.

Deb Houck says:

Boy am I out of touch. Never heard of a fidget spinner before, but I like how you made it. 🙂

Debbie Vignola says:

Very nice Lori. tfs

olga colon says:

this is so cool. I got to find a way to do this. because I don't have tools for it. my little ones will love it so much . 👍👍💖💖💖💖💖

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