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Ronnie Street Stunts says:

For those wondering, this isn't a serious video. We weren't thinking that we were doing amazing things with fidget spinners. In reality I didn't even know that fidget spinners were the spawn of all hate on the internet… don't know how I missed that one haha. I figured any hate was just the usual hate of trending things.

I also just want you to know what my intention is when I do videos like these. My number one goal from the beginning of starting my youtube channel has always been to grow the parkour community and make it more known to the general public. Parkour changed my life, so I know there are people out there it can do the same for. I often find trending topics to incorporate parkour as a way to invite people into the parkour world who typically might not have ever been interested in it. In doing this I have had hundreds if not thousands of people message me from all over the world who have began their parkour journey because of discovering one of my videos. I know my videos might not always capture the culture and community of parkour because I want to keep it appealing to a general audience, but for those who dive in they will soon discover everything there is to know about parkour.

I'm deciding whether or not to take this video down. For now I'm leaving it up in the hopes that kids who genuinely are into fidget spinners or at least come across this video because of the trend (which I personally have no hate towards, I don't hate things because it's trendy to hate something) and will be able to discover parkour themselves and potentially discover a new passion.

I'm sorry I've disappointed so many of you, but those who stick around and continue to support my channel I promise I have more great content coming out this year.
I also have had a hard time over the last couple of months doing video content because I have been recovering from ankle and wrist injuries, so I haven't been able to perform at my full potential in videos for a while. But that's no excuse, and I will push my self to not just be the parkour athlete that you want, but the one that you deserve. 😀 Love you all!


Isaiah Vlog says:

I thought it was cool

Don't Click The Cookie. says:


Patrick Chung says:

How tall is Ronnie

best anuj verma vedios says:

you are soooo kool

Muggshot_rules says:

a no handed kip-up could be a new tutorial for your channel

Muggshot_rules says:

how would you do a kip-up without pushing off with your hands. i seen it done on some action shows

Alex says:

999 likes lol love this vid new shit all the time 😉

Poetry_in_motion_ pkfr says:

I respect you as a freerunner…. but bro please never do this again.😂

Frostlegend777 says:

I love that you can do this but fidget spinners why

Dauntless Runner says:

What you could've done was a precision then a webster-front but good video and it looks like I have some 'tricks' to get on with

Fenris Wolf says:

Liked only because it's Ronnie.

Sam Chill-i-am s says:

Hmm, while the torque of the spinner acting as a flywheel won't add anything to your flips, though marginal, their procession will…

Atomic Afro says:

I call it a autistic shrunken

Smuckers says:


PK Revolution says:

I ronnie I think your videos are amazing and inspiring I saw your 10 years of freerunning video and I really thought the part about your back injury was amazing and inspiring I also have a back injury if you could please please tell me what you did and started of with to get over it

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