Fidget Spinner Review: Spinetic X Black Quad Spinner by Spinetic Spinners

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A great black coated brass 4 arm spinner by Spinetic Spinners. Like the stainless steel version, this sexy black version comes with the standard R188 bearing. Somewhat sharp corners on the stainless steel version are virtually eliminated in this version due to the black coating applied to the spinner giving it it's color. Very smooth, quiet and satisfying spins, this spinner definitely comes highly recommended. Pick yours up today by clicking the following link....


Bryan Morse says:

Just wanted to say I found you from Sals channel and I really really like what you bring to the table for your reviews! I love how you do the spin time in the corner and I love how in depth you go on each spinner! Definitely earned my sub!

Dan M says:

Nice vid. If u were to which one do u like better, the spinetic x or the y.

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