Fidget Spinner Review: Spinetic X Plus Quad Spinner by Spinetic Spinners

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A totally modular, very nice spinning big brother to the Spinetic X spinner. Smoother edges, heavier arms, and totally customize-able, this spinner makes a great addition to any spinner collection. If you like the Spinetic X, you'll love this one! Different colors, materials and buttons available. Custom build yours at Spinetic Spinners today by clicking the following link...


Dan M says:

Nice vid Alan. I didn't know they even had that. Now I want it.

Ash Lewis says:

Hey Alan, Can I just ask what's the noise feedback on this spinner?….Usually you make a point in past videos to show the sound but not for this spinner…. Not a problem but just wanted to see what you thoughts were on the sound feedback. Cheers bud 🙂

Anand Nande says:

Enjoy your videos. Very informative.

Steve Metzger says:

You do a great job on your reviews. Thanks !

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