Fidget spinner spinning in space!

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A fidget spinner in space! How long does it spin? I'm not sure, but it’s a great way to experiment with Newton’s laws of motion!

Allowing the fidget spinner to float reduces the bearing friction by permitting the rate of the central ring and outer spinner to equalize, and the whole thing spins as a unit.


HD download link:


Camro Neil Laguardia says:

lol wtf. the loading image is a fidget spinner. -_-

Lazy Ninja says:

Technology has gone to far….. Robots will soon take over with this new found fidget spinner in space technology.

Insta: thegreatkingcaesar says:



Fake, nasa used cgi to make fidget spinner!

MemeMuffin says:

If they flew it up there, that would have taken valuable fuel to be sent. If it was 3D printed, that would have used valuable materials. What happened to you NASA?

Igor Chernomashentsev says:

Bullshit. Why don't they show a moment, when man's body starts spinning? They catch a spinner, and what then? That's a fake.

TanRic NikTak says:


Zohaib Amin says:

Must watch .. interview of couple rescued

Dixionis says:

Жду когда начнут вэйпить и на гироскутерах кататься.

HelloKittyFan 26 says:

I think your astronaut is autistic…

John Jacob says:

Why can't you ever see stars out of the windows?

YGK says:

is this what humanity has come to

Take It says:

Love the CGI.

Jun hee Bae says:

Say, while the fidget spinner is spinning, if you tap it on the north side of the spinner while spinning, would the fidget spinner start spinning and tumble away?

If it's spins and the tumbling is fast enough, wouldn't it spin on 4 axis?

Jun hee Bae says:

That's pretty cool

Анатолий Курбаш says:

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Vegan4Christ says:

See kids, even retarded mutants can become "astronauts". #weareallone #thereisnoracebutthehumanrace

jake says:


فيديوهات انستا - Malik Arooj says:

Aleyna tilki ifsa linki

Usman Tariq says:

Talking about New heights for a spinner.

Николай Дальников says:

А ,слабо форточку открыть .??? И отправить спинер в свободное "плавание".

FishSticks says:

This is fake that’s obviously a green screen and some special effects!

pwoodson21 says:

if it spins along its bearings it will eventually slow down, if it spins as a whole it will go forever! because space!

Carlos Ramirez says:

People in the 70's: Man will continue to explore other planets.

Present: *fidget spinning in space.

Jank Paul says:

The one and ONLY time when fidget spinners are actually cool to watch. I guess zero gravity makes everything cool.

Even pornography.

Amber DiPhillipo says:

It's official, the fidget spinners have taken over NASA… Oh lord what's next?!? 😂

Jay Diggy says:

Yall nibbas late

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