Fidget spinner trick shots | DOUBLE BULLSEYE FIDGET SPINNER THROW!!!!

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Insane double fidget spinner darts bullseye!
Crazy fidget spinner trick shots
Following the trend

Thanks to how ridiculous for the inspiration on the fidget spinner bullseye! subscribe to how ridiculous

Hey guys, Thanks for watching this fidget spinner video. I know there must be thousands of people doing this fidget spinner trend so I am really glad you took the time to check out my video.

These are the best fidget spinner trick shots I could do! Lets get this trick shot video viral!!

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Konrad Chan says:

That was an epic slow mo reenactment at the end there 😉

Swish Kids says:

You have commented on our channel before and we were wondering if you would give us a shoutout. That would be really amazing. Thanks T-Man

Fuzion says:

Hey its me fuzion did you sub yet because I did

WolfiePlays summers says:

hey should i start doing trick shots on my youtube cannel

PieRios says:

I love how you got support from local YouTube!Been subscribed since 200 I love to see how your channel keeps growing and content keep getting better.Keep it up.!

The Chewns says:

too much skills, the skills are blinding me 😀

Tengku Harith says:

congrats t man. If u want work with dp you can follow on instagram

Gata ANSAH says:

Wait What!!, I didn't get notified
Amazing video as alway. though keep 'em coming

Tha Mist says:

Idk why you got 4k subs and you got 42 likes

BFL says:

ok thx and can u subscribe to my channel

BFL says:

tman sorry dude im 12 and im not allowed to have twitter

BFL says:

Hi tman i see u commented on one of my videos and i was wondering if u can help me with my views and subs

Tha Mist says:

Too cool for my brain

Agit says:

nice buddy really enjoyed this one

WolfShadowSword 1412 says:

Cool Fidget spinner

Mr Ganymede says:

This is such a good video 😀


I love your Trick Shots they are insane pls pin this

RideR VeNNoM says:

Hello cool video! How on earth did you find me?!

Super Teachers Unite says:

Dude! That shot down the stairs where it hit the rim of the cup and then in!!! I was like WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!

AC Flips! says:

I ❤️fidget toys

HimmyJ says:

Wowzerzs cool YOUR EPIC ! ! !

Rock Hard Fitness says:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam T some mad skills there bro. How many attempts did they all take you haha.

LOCO Gaming says:

are u right handed or left handed?

WG Skills says:

Sick vid, this is better than how ridiculous's fidget spinner trickshot!

BlueDiamondCrusherYT HD says:

sup t-man its master900gamer remeber i changed my username ok sorry to tell you that

Joshsmx says:

How that's amazing

Deanos Rides says:

Awesome dude!

Love that slow mo! 😂😂😂

Heartless Phoenix says:

This was so cool please make much more of these trick shots and keep up the amazing work. 😀

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