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Lots of fidget spinner trick and Amy opens the best mother's day present ever.

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We are The Dale Tribe. A family of 6 that live in the mountains of Colorado. Jon (dad) is adventurous and goofy. Amy (mom) is a fan of Star Wars, beanies, Harry Potter, all things Korean....and lots of other things. Anna (17) is an artist and has a stellar personality. Eli (14) is into parkour and skating. Shae (12) loves to sing and act (and, yes, she's really tall for her age). Aspen (10) is the joy bomb in the family. She has Type 1 Diabetes, but that doesn't slow her down at all! Coggs is the family pet. He is a sphynx which is a breed of hairless cat and we love him! Phoenix is a standard poodle who is going to be trained to be a Diabetic Alert Dog for Aspen who has Type 1 Diabetes. Our latest addition is General Iroh a Silver Bengal cat.



Jon: @jondale
The Dale Tribe: @thedaletribe

Amy: amydaletribe
Shae: daletribeshae
Anna: hatsuboku

Amy: @amydale
Jon: @jondale
Anna: @hatsuboku &
Eli: @elidale2003
Shae: @shaedaletribe


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Taylor Alvord says:


Jennifer Strong says:

My mom died in 2012 and my partner Alex's mom and her don't get along at all so I spent Mother's day trying to calm her down from a serious anxiety attack after her mother essentially cursed her out via text. 🙁

cookie_luv03 says:

We never celebrate Mother's Day because we have always ruined it… as kids… and so Mom just declared that you should live your mothers every day anyways so she doesn't like it idk! It's weird

Laura Langsley says:

I live in England so our mothers day is 26 March so I decided to have two mothers day this year

Amy Otts says:

i enjoyed spending time with my mom and grandma the day before mothers day and the day of mothers day my mom and i got free sundaes from culvers

Sarah B says:

We went out to Afghan food! Also I love the polls, you should do those more often

Elysia S says:

Mother's Day isn't until March in the UK

Mercer Phlegar says:

yes I went and saw Guardians of the galaxy 2 for mother's day as well.

Justine Reno says:

My husband said he had plans with us on Mother's Day
We ended up going to see his mom…
My kids are 2.5 and 5 weeks so they couldn't do anything haha

Gail Sinclair says:

Hiking and a picnic on Mothers Day …. loved it.

Niamh Carolan says:

Amy is the worlds best YouTube mum❤️

Show Jumping Dreams says:

I have that game on the Switch. It's awesome 💜

Zachary Logan Weasley says:

It's nice that Anna and Eli went to watch them. My brothers stay at home when I do dance shows

Elizabeth 4642 says:

Can i be adopted into ur family. Love u guys <3 keep up the awsome work!

Gemma Fletcher says:

Mothers day was in March 26th in UK been and gone next is fathers day which is June 18th…..Hope all USA Mothers had lovely and amazing day xxx

sam flemish says:

The 17th is/was my Birthday I turned twenty

xirisx1988 says:

Most sundays my mother and I walk with the dog in a leash free part of a forest and after that I bought her a drink and sat down. The weather was beautiful.

Kristin Wallace says:

Great job Shae and Aspen you guys were great at your dance recital 😄👍🏻!

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