FIDGET SPINNER TRICKS | Twerking, 14 At Once, And More!

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denga tshililo says:

i can do better than her

Ccapes Xd says:

Chloe need some dick

Randy Dunson says:

love you guys

Kasserian Ingera Preservations says:

this is cool

Based Ghandi says:

someone time stamp the fuckinig twerking this dumb bittch tthinks she can click bait me foor fidgget spinner free views who the fuck this is

Madeleine Peryer says:

I love how you log so much you are just so nice!

Valerie Hemming says:

Hummm if I only had such Moronic concerns…

Exodus __ says:

show ur titties
ill be ur best friend

tylerrw19 says:

My god I would love to squeeze that sweet little spic ass of hers!!

Brittany beckham says:

@his_utopia I have a lot of tricks on my snap

Esther Wood says:


Butera.Macaroon says:

Panera is your home, so stop calling my phone. Where my Jake Paulers at lol. !!!!

Nicolas Daly says:

this is dumb get a life

Maya D says:

where did you get that necklace with the heart??? its so cute

afterstars says:

How the fuck did YouTube get me here?

Eleonora Aretha says:

You could go up here Fidget^Toy for nothing it really is protected or just does work-

Morgan Tayc says:

Omg i have exactly the same case💋💋💋💋💋

Janessa Marie says:

omg it was so cool meeting you 😂😂 too bad i was in my panera bread outfit 😂😭

Shaktidhar Toor says:

I actually got an free of charge FreeFidgetspinner with this site

Nikita H says:

Your fidget spinner makeup tutorial was so good as well as your rap at the end hahaha

Anna Sanchez says:

Haha why does her Starbucks drink have the name anna on it lol

Kiana L says:

She said "Happy June 2nd" not June 7th (at the start)

Karolina Borowiec says:

That's the best pj from my twitter icon!

Keshnee Surendran says:

when you the EXACT same fidget as adelaine 3:30

Kate Winston says:

rip ears, that laugh every second of this. ugh

Megan May says:

I thought she lived with her family? I'm so confused

Royce Jackson says:

you're the reason god has abandoned us

Blaine Dillard says:

I love her vlogs omg

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