Fidget Spinner vs Compressed Air! Light Up Fidget Spinners from ZING toys

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These light up spinners are really cool and even cooler when paired with compressed air!

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TheGoGetters says:

My dad works at Publix carrying out groceries. He is constantly having to tell people that he can't accept tips. He's a nice older guy and everyone seems to love him there. 🙂

Anonymoose says:

Hmmm… I could power up my air compressor, and get those puppies going at warp speed with air at 120psi…

Strange breed of help you have at your Publix. At mine, yes, they ALWAYS offer to take your groceries to the car, but all I do is say, "I've got it, thanks," and that's the end of it. I do have a couple that I'll let do it, just because they've been there forever and we've gotten to know each other, and it's an excuse to chat on the way to the car.

Shameful case of abuse! Punching a kid right in the eye like that! I played it back a half dozen times, and Jayden just turned RIGHT into it at exactly the perfect instant. LOL

Mainvilles Nation says:

Breakfast for dinner is the best! 😁

Carl Estes says:

Jayden we are all witnesses if you need one

The Greers says:

Fidget takes off and flies to the moon! That sounds like a firework that we normally do that spins really fast lol! No punching!! 🙂

FunFoods says:

Breakfast for dinner is a treat.
Just tell them at Publix that you walked there then they will let you have your bags. Lol

Terry Vicnaire says:

do the boy's play Disney Magic Kingdom? It's where you have to build your own magic kingdom.

Phú VLOG USA says:

I love your family , I love to meet you guys one days

HeyItsAlya [Not AYLA] says:

The air compressor 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Hey michelle, can I add you on Bakery Story? Whats your ID?

tjnkorz says:

Compressed air works great with the fidget spinners! It really lights them up. Turbo Fidget Spinners with NOS! Awesome!

Larry Tofthagen, encourager says:

Good video, I enjoyed it.

Zoë Violetnese Malik says:

5? Like jumpstrtmyheart and xSJPx?

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