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Kenzie and I build a crazy fidget spinner of death with razor blades and rocket engines!! Watch the video to see if the fidget spinner will take off and fly !!

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PO box 860204 St.augustine FL 32086

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Skump Crew says:

Mustache or no mustache ??
Also do you guys like the fidget videos yes or no??

David Krueger says:

I sided man

Charlotte Easter says:

Can you get me one

Charlotte Easter says:

Can you get me one

Portals Adventures says:

Your vids are so awesome and so inspiring

Darius Brown says:

At least the grass got cut😂👍

the Enchanted Diamond Sword says:

tell to your friends to subscribe to gaming with sumember1

IvansonVlog TV says:

skump crew pls reply me back pls,can you send me a fan mail.pls reply me back

Unknown Pun Master says:

Thx for following me on insta

aus gaming says:

awesome vid bro im a new sub and wanna win a fidget spinner keep up the awesome work

Tiarna Anne says:

Yes and mustache

Naviyah Cardoso says:

love the intro and the video

Anthony Jackson 1208 says:

Lit I follow you on ig

Bubblebrainkids says:

no mustache follow me back on Instagram @kay.09

Xiuting Li says:

that is dangerous

dude decent says:

in my opinion though

dude decent says:

no mustache

Xiuting Li says:

3rd comment

Lalo Diaz says:

Love the stash ha ha lol 🤣🤣

dude decent says:

first comment

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