Fidget Spinner vs. Shiba Inu Dog

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who knew she'd be so scared of these!
dont worry we stopped doing that to her:)

Music by Joakim Karud


Howling Wolves says:

Shibe is a frighten

Rumbu Jr says:

make him more fat

Prooty Prooty says:

I'm not werid But I wanna be friends with the dog

Harry Potter says:

Haru crawling away from autism

Breezetix says:

1:20 LMAO

Mr. SwearBear says:

All my cats are afraid of fidget spinners too lol

CordIsBored says:

2:11 trying to get away from the tends be like

Sebastian Torn says:

You can say shiba inu or shiba dog, but saying shiba inu dog is like saying shiba dog dog (inu is dog in japanese).
I know a lot about it, if you don't believe me just look at my pic :v

but hey i want to get a shiba 🙂 any advice for me?

Hakalabakala says:

Dogs know what to do with fidget spinners

Hakalabakala says:

I think the Fidget spinner will win


LOL can I get a shoutout

Angry Bread says:

She isn't scared i think, the way she was posing, like crouching on her front legs means she is playful so if you noticed she was poking it with paw, that means she wanted to spin too 😛

ryder nigga says:

Much spin very scared

FoxyBoss7818 says:

the poor thing

Airex My Friend says:

The loading circle is a fidget spinner 😮

chari Muvilla says:

Hm Shiba Inu vs trampoline? That could be good

8000 cats says:

2:25 instant "nope"

Braylend Proulx says:

good shibe.

Pug money says:

Can I take this dog with me?

anthony dayao says:

Shibe attac

Shibe protect

But most importantly she wants a snek

TheDepyDogGaming Lol says:

I did that treat on paw trick on my dog and my dog decided to try and throw it up into the air and it went flying!

Fake crash bandicoot says:

Shibe vs autism shibe wins

Charlie Orellana says:

she knows that dangerous power of them.

Yoko says:

The only fidget spinner video i like.

Banana Fighter says:

Best channel ever.

Volt says:

Omg he spins it himself 😀

Rabarbarabarbenkuchen says:

How to scare your dog: Put your fidget spinner out

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