Fidget Spinner Without a Bearing -Easy DIY Paper Fidget Spinner – DIY with Cly Ep. 5

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Ever since I started tinkering with fidget spinners people have been asking me to make one without a bearing. I've finally decided it was time to tackle the that challenge, and I wanted to do it in my own way.

Today's spinner project isn't the prettiest paper fidget spinner out there, but I designed it with students and office workers in mind. It's made from basic school and office supplies that most people should have easy access to, and the materials are extremely cheap on top of that. As an added bonus, you get to learn a little origami in the process.

Also, nearly at 7k subscribers! This insane!

Welcome to DIY with Cly. In this series I'll be making pretty much anything the catches my fancy, though I may be open to suggestions in the near future.
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Purgatory Pirate says:

I like this vid

angelusbichi says:

cool video, could one leave the silver parts of the binder clips on to add weight and structure? and macgyver (the older one, though both are good)is a good show, do you watch the remake?

Infinite Crafting says:

love it 😁♥
could you do a video on how to make a dpinner out of skate bearings please

Jay Bee says:

i r8 8/8 m8 gr8 job you need 888888888 subscribers m8

Azbear King says:

does it spin like a normal fidget

shiggy shaggy says:

hi cly your voice is asmr

Mal V says:

Peepholes hehe 😂

SD Nick says:

are you gonna do a face reveal

Joe Płæż gämēš says:

Are you using a4

Ultra Crispy says:

Remember me?

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and you can get daily discounts

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this app got tons of cheap stuff

منوعاتي المميزة monuatie almomayza says:

hi Cly Faker, can you do an unboxing for things from the app that was called wish

Gamerj j117 says:

Congrats 7K

Charichimp 64 says:

+1 sub, keep up the good work

Eva Torres says:

can i have widget spinner

Crispy Crispy says:

A 15 minute video that easily couldve been 2 or 3


I think this is very interesting. Thank you for the video. Also, it was great how positive you stayed even when things weren't going entirely as planned.

Christian Fletcher says:

Do you have an iFunny I want to subscribe there too

Al Paolillo says:

+1 subscriber, your cool.

The 3d melon says:

Het cly . I would rather buy one but thats becouse i suck ad origami. But your looks really goodm dude your video's always cheer me up specialy Sinds i for out the hospital

Team Falukorv says:

I mean i subbed when you had like 1K subs and i just fell in love with your voice and your videos and now I'm seeing you grow so much I'm so happy for you and I hope you grow and get many many more subs❤ btw good video😉

InSiTeGhOsT says:

hello again Mr.Cly i have a question does wathing a 1 min ad give u more $$$?

Rick Fravor says:

could poke through the finger holds and bend the paper clip into a circle or something, maybe use scotch tape…???

Little Max says:

Nice job, and it actually had a decent spin time for what it is. How did you ever come up with that?

IGotSomething IGotNothing says:

Nice vid ☺

The D4n M4n | Mobile Gaming Videos says:

What kind of music do you guys listen to?

Dawn BlitZ says:

nooooooo im late also i have a question are you still going to do your other series ? but good video! $$$$

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