Fidget Spinners On Your Phone… Why? (Fidget Spinner Rant) Fidget Spinners are Taking Over

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Fidget Spinners On Your Phone... Why? (Fidget Spinner Rant)

Apparently somebody thought it would be a good idea to milk the fidget spinner craze a little bit more. Yup, its now available on your mobile device. The fidget spinner craze is getting out of hand and this sort of takes it too far. Im probably gonna say the word fidget spinner 2 more times to help this video get more views. Fidget spinner. Im also going to copy some tags from other youtubers who made similar videos because now that ive made a fidget spinner video, theres no rock bottom beyond this point.

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Gamerinfinity99 YT says:

I think that they should be banned period.
No fucking retarded

Gamerinfinity99 YT says:

The chair squeaks are so satisfying.


The Spinners annoy me so much

Dakota Pilon says:

That HUMBLE beat in the background makes this video

7saladsago says:

the spinners annoy me but the youtubers making money off of it is stupid

Jman says:

That moment when you realize fidget spinners = autism.

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