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The fidget spinner is the new trending toy not just in Singapore but around the world. It is also important to point out that there are some who speak of it as an item which helps some with ADHD and other forms of anxiety to cope with such medical issues. Having said that, many who do not have such issues still own one. Researchers have also gone to say that there are studies saying that the item has become a distraction in schools and people simply own them as an item of popularity.

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Pavan Hemlani says:

I hope you become a big YouTube one day. I'm enjoying your content. 🙂

Malcolm Chen says:

I had two friends who recently bought two of these for themselves. We're not friends anymore.

MorselOfBread says:

trending on facebook

Kayleigh Ireland says:

Wonderful. 🙂

Joseph Summers says:

$15 is not actually that bad. It's obviously a little over-priced, like most fad gadgets are, but it has metal/steel bearings in there.

imwinsome.lala says:

Haha…win liao…lol:) hope to see more

nicholas Puah says:

lol i only half a Price, when i go into Compass one I saw the price is ridiculous crazy, all is 9.5 and above

I outside Buy 7.5 and i compare before buying it…

Jared Yap says:

Damn good. Subscribed.

magic desu says:

There is a science behind how these spinners work. You are right, many $15 spinners dont actually work for the actual purpose of a spinner. We cannot expect something so cheap to work the same as those selling at a much higher price. Just like if anyone bought a toy car for $1, can he then claim that all cars dont work? Maybe if he tried a proper car that can drive on the road and is made for the right purpose of travelling long distances, he would have a better idea of how a car really works 🙂

YUAN! says:

"Do you really need something worth $15 to fidget? I mean like, why not just fidget!?!?" HAHAHAHAHA BEST LINE EVER. This is gold.

daone nonly says:

nice vid. keep it up!

Sebastian Fong says:

fifteen dollars

rararad says:

Fuuuurst lok ness monster

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