Fidget Spinners, Toy Review & Unboxing, Ninja, Metal, Emoji, Kid-Friendly

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Fidget Spinners, Toy Review & Unboxing, Ninja, Metal, Emoji, Family-Friendly

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Xavier Gaming says:

Hmmm I wonder if I will get pin 😏

Lyndee Hanselmann says:

I love your fidget spinners Lilly 👍😌

Sean Field says:

I have 6 fidget spinners and my gold one has different bearings to my other ones so my friends said they are fake

SmileyEmojiFanatic2009 FanaticOfTheMrMenShow says:

Fidget Spinner
01. Glow-In The Dark Green
02. Camouflage
03. Emoji
04. Quick Buck
05. Ninja Blade
06. Primary And Secondary
07. Marble Holder
08. Rainbow Azonided

GameforLife Hd says:

Ilike the emoji one😀😎

艦隊 BEGLERI says:

consider buying noble spin 80$

123 Blast Off Houston says:

My grammar sucks

123 Blast Off Houston says:

Ninja figit is my favored one

Minecraft Enderman says:

hello, I'm new. so there are no words right now. maybe next time

Vinikis says:

I have fidget spinners, I finally got the glow in the dark one but… eh… its a fake and it sucked…… :/

GabbyEA Gaming says:

Nice video lily. I recommend just getting 1 fidget spinner. Although thanks for showcasing them. I guess the cheap ones are good to use because all functions the same, So now i know what to buy if i have extra money (after i buy robux tomorrow) . I used to have a fidget spinner although i got a fidget cube because my cousins were the ones who bought it for me and they thought i want a cube. Nice vid! 😄thanks

bagofchips123 says:

The beginning transition is so trippy 🤑😜

Kylie Funlover says:

walmart also has them

Marcus Mckoy says:

Cool I have a gold fidget spinner

Maria Hernandez says:

I love your videos friend I got a light blue and my sister got red 😍😘😜

Arlequin Hickey-Sorbello says:

I'm obsessed with these

Issac Tortoledo says:

I have 3 of em

Ryan's Playroom says:

I want one!

Hooded _dino says:

Hey… wut bout the roblox vid XD but cul vid

Abel_Armas says:

I am currently drawing somebody

find out at @abelarmasroblox

Abel_Armas says:

these ones are no match to my trusty blue fidget spinner (I'm kidding nice video! 😃👌)

gamer droid says:

Lily I can't tell you in ROBLOX coz it doesn't let me say what I wanted to tell you any other ideas lily? 🙃

XO Adrian says:

I have a regular black one lol also nice video!

Zachary The Toy Review Guy says:

Nice video Lily! I never heard of the fidget spinner before! It's also spins! Really cool! 😃

In Cognito says:

I have a metallic green fidget spinner

Callie Too says:

Cool I like the emoji spinner

gamer droid says:


gamer droid says:


gamer droid says:

Lily how did you get the emoji fidget spinner it's so rare they make FIVE of them each 2 months you are a pro if you got that one you are a pro and I'm still fixing ROBLOX

Arthur Rodriguez says:

Omg I love fidget spinners c:

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