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Watch Kev's unboxing fidget spinners video of the Hulk fidget spinner, Spider-Man fidget spinner, Captain America fidget spinner and Iron Man fidget spinner. These Avengers fidget spinners are amazing. He also announces 10 lucky boys and girls names! This is an awesome YouTube kids friendly toy video with your buddy Kev.

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Hi Buddy! It's your buddy Kev and in this episode of Kev's Toy Fun, FIDGET SPINNERS UNBOXING - THE AVENGERS HULK SPIDER-MAN CAPTAIN AMERICA IRON MAN FIDGET SPINNERS, I'm unboxing these awesome fidget spinner toys:

Zuru Avengers The Hulk Fidget Spinner

Zuru Avengers Spiderman Fidget Spinner

Zuru Avengers Captain America Fidget Spinner

Zuru Avengers Iron Man Fidget Spinner

I also announce 10 lucky boys and girls names during name surprises. Will I say your name in this episode? Watch and find out. Enjoy and thanks for watching buddy!

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nano mohammad says:

Cool video kevin

Lizzie Babe says:

Noooooooo dilin nooooooooo

Alexis Jones says:

Hi kev my first name is Skyla and I will like to be in name video thanks you are the best

Primelock god says:

please unbox godzilla or pacfic rim toys!

Linda Wilson says:

Hey you got your voice back! That is great I wondered if you would get your voice back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping you could do a Lego videos that would make me happy thanks bye!.

Aashim VIDEOS says:

I like the blue figet spinner😇

Moses Anderson says:

Hulk Is The Best Always! Awesome Fidget Spinner Review Kev!

Nic Volker says:

I liked the spider man fidget spinner

Toys & Toys TV says:

So nice video! Like

Nic Volker says:

do a story with wwe

Nic Volker says:

do a story with bendy and the ink machine

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