Fidget Spinners VS Dogs & Cats | Best Of Animals Reactions to Finger Spinner

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Fidget Spinner vs Dog and Finger Spinner vs Cat. Who wins? Reactions of animals to Hand Spinners. How our little pet friends respond when they see a fidget spinner spin. Are you curious? Check out many dogs and cats play with the new trendy spinning toys.

Featuring a talented spinner dog that can balance 3 finger spinners on hiw paws and nose without losing balance. There are some spinning animal talents that understand the physics of the fidget spinner and synchronize their body and movements to it. The owner of the fidget spinner dog is enjoying the dogs fame.

Are the fidget, finger, hand or whatever spinners tools or toys?
You decide

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giwrgos kart says:

The Boxer @0:52 and the boxer @3:12 =D

Rewind Remix - No Copyright Music says:

awesome vid

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