Finding treasure underwater, Jewelry, a pipe, fidget spinner and laptop in popular swimming area

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At a local swimming area in Marquette I found some interesting things. Folks are always losing items here when they jump into the lake seeking relief from the summer heat. Now admittedly, the laptop wasn't in anyone's pocket when they jump in, so leave me a comment as to how you think it got there.
The pipe? They sure weren't using that on Scuba. Perhaps a local constable was paying this popular sight a visit late at night and surprised someone enjoying his or her favorite pastime?
Nothing of real monetary value was found this time. In times past we have found prescription glasses and cameras etc. We'll put a lost and found ad in for them, but probably half of the glasses get donated after a time.
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Thanks guys!
Diver Don


mokpot says:

Hey Don, I am pretty sure I found the mate to that earring, in the American River, in California…

Kilian Bo says:

I love what you do man, i wish i could dive to the bottom of the lakes around where i live.
The problem is that they are +160m deep.

Ikram Jumayev says:

I wanna learn how to scuba diving….

Sam Peterson says:

Did you ever try to bring the laptop to NMU? It's one of their laptops that they assign to each student (art students get Mac books, everyone else get think pads). Would be interesting to see who's it was!

Jeff Lane says:

Have not seen a collection bag like that,where did you get it ?

Johnny Mak says:

Haha. Nice video again. Still got that pipe? Haha

Larry Ciarrocchi says:

Fell off boat while watching divers, or they got the "Blue Screen of Death"

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