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** APPEND - The extra bearing is a HYBRID CERAMIC bearing, not SS **

Slice Of My Life: First of all, a huge thank you goes out to Adrian D'Souza of Damned Designs for sending this to me along with my order of an SS Triad. He even included a set of the new Vortex buttons.

I like the Turbulence spinner. The actual product looks way better than the renders I saw! The best part of it is that it's a finger hugger. I love the way it feels when I perform forward flicks.

Link to the Damned Designs Website:

Damned Designs FB Page:

And here's my IG account if you're interested:



Justin Pitman says:

Any chance anyone knows where I could buy one of these? Really in the market for this one, late to the Damned Designs train but WTB. Please me know … Instagram: Jpitwithya

bawl - says:

I like what you explained at the end about the variation in environment. It was nice. Also the spinner is nice, at least via video viewing format. Thanks for the vid man.

Luc Op de Coul says:

Havent watched your vids in a while but remember me? I was ur 373d sub on a different account 🙂 anyways just wanted to say keep up the good work man! Peace

CynicalDriver says:

Timing was bad for me again, but I am eagerly awaiting some of these to become available, as well as the Origin V2.

Finally editing a video together on my Origin SE! It will probably be crap, but I'm giving it a shot. lol

Doug Davis says:

Nice, very informative vid Ben. I am amazed at what Adrian and Damned Designs are doing for their customers. Top notch spinners, 1st class packaging w the beautifully hinged wooden boxes, XTRA buttons that look AWESOME, and XTRA bearings as Well? All at a price thats just under 60 bucks? To borrow a phrase from you…WHAAAT?!!! LOL!
I'm still waiting on my Triad, and getting ready to preorder the Turbulence. Very much looking forward to receiving them both! Thanks for making me salivate even more haha!

Gman1024 says:

Beautiful. Love those buttons. Looks like a One Drop bearing in there.
Thanks for the upload.

Nico Burgos says:

Damned designs is quickly becoming my favorite fidget designers. I didn't have the money for the first batch when you did your first vid and by the time I did they didn't have the stainless steel 😞 but come hell or high water I will get both of these!

SkullHQ says:

This is proof that Adrian and Damned Designs are at the top of the spinner game right now.

Dave's World says:

Nice bro… You been killing it

lowtuned says:

can't believe i missed out again on the triad… damn me. but now i am subscribed. hopefully theres another run soon

max vanavichai says:


Digits El NUMBRO says:

I preordered this the second I saw it go up because I was so impressed with the Triad. After seeing this video I am even more glad I did! The spinner looks awesome, the packaging is even more on point and now it comes with a pouch as well? Amazing! Can't wait to get mine!
I also got the Triad in black, can't wait for that either!
I hope you feel better!

Ryan Standring says:

great review Ben 🙂 !!!

Jomo Lettman says:

i have an ss triad and turbulence on order very timely vid for me thanks B

Holiday3000 says:

Damn designs is puttin out some quality work. Adrian is a beast

nikkacagin says:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaw finally >:-]]

Nic Nac says:

I am waiting for both
The triad in a couple of days and the turbulence in about a month
Can't wait!
Thanks for the video

Nicholas Soon says:

Damn u work hard even when under the weather

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