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Fidget spinners used to be SOOO trendy and popular now it's just lame tbh

Jessica Rodr says:

Hey I I'm subscribing why can't I be the winner 😭☺

sweetgirlspencer says:

I subscribed good video

Ate Dumas says:

She just found out about figet spinner

Weng Logdat says:

Can you do a room tour

jorge zuniga says:

ho won how do you make a youtube chanel

Megan Rosebear says:

1:58 that's my fidget spinner I have the same one as her

Glamorous Cat says:

I will have the 4th one Cause I ordered it

Mystery Channel says:

You so pretty gurl😝😝😝😝

Tui Tunez says:

2:27 I’m the goat I’m the goat

None Of Your Business To Know My Name says:

This was 2 days after my bday

Jontaysha Townsend says:

Where's the description

SailorMoonBunny says:

Guys when video was loading the loading sign was a fidget spinners! .o. YouTube you have changed

Amber Coulson says:

Figet cube is for figiting

sheen ifti says:

Lollipops girl at soon God pulled don't wear klots like that be not kreshtan

You Know it's Ella says:

You have to look at the instructions to see what each one does

You Know it's Ella says:

Fidget cubes are just for fun and also help you focus

rolando marquez says:

Ho else likes her intro

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