Fun with fidget spinners and strong magnets!

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In this video I will show you some cool fidget spinners and super strong (but small) neodymium magnets (buy magnets here: /Amazon Affiliate/! It is great fun and cool experiment for kids. I show fidget spinners, and their variety of colors. You can use the magnets to build your own custom big fidget spinner. Moreover you can see how to play with battery and neodymium magnets as well. Have a Fun and If you are interested to buy interesting fidget spinners or cheap neodymium magnets for experiments, find some interesting links below:
Fidget Spinner:
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Jasey J says:

Stack smaller fidget spinners to larger like bicycle gear wit magnets…3 dimension thinking….involved

Are Universal Consciousness says:

sorry this is the one

Are Universal Consciousness says:

I can up with this idea back in 2012 way be for the figit spinner was out

little lady says:

This is brilliant. Turn a fad into science.

Hacker 007 says:

The music is really cool!

EsamoKoram says:

Never seen the spinning AA battery. That's cool and easy.

EsamoKoram says:

Thanks for a bearable music 😀
Keep the fun up

CaptainGamerTV says:

1st Comment By A Person

King of Perfection says:

Fun with Fidget Spinners and Strong Neodymium Magnets!

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