GENESIS Prototype Fidget Toy Hand Spinner Spin Time test

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Here is a spin test of one of our prototypes. Stay tuned for our web store launch!
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Ali Ibrahim says:

Which material that has the longest spinning time?

Hanna Hodges says:

man this thing is so sick are you guys gonna releas4the 3d print version

Q80 Vaper says:

Sweet! Long spinners are better than fidget spinners just hypnotic

Edward Hernandez says:

Wtf y r they so expensive

U.K.N says:

it's unbalanced

Mathew Jones says:

is this the brass one? i love the look

David Crowson says:

ok the one you spun with the ball bearings on them @ 0:50 when can I GET ONE !

johntsingis says:

I like the simple and hefty look to it.

Wiggi Cubes says:

Wow! 10 minute spin! also I think one side of it is heavier than the other

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