GET This Fidget Spinner: Cigreen C3 Exceeds Expectations

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Disclaimer: The original design name is "Cigreen C3" and may go by different names on retailer sites such as "Drei" spinner on FidgetLA and ZenTri on FidgetHQ. The spinner variant in this review was gotten from a Cigreen dealer on Spin Space, but they are all the same design. I recommend going with the cheapest price you can find for this, as they are all the same China-made spinner.

Links to where you can get this Spinner:

"C3" Drei Spinner

Spin Space Community:


Randy Sherry says:

Well it is now September 2017, im about 5 months late on this .. JUst got mine from SpinnerHub for $9.99 Stainless Steel. I LIKE THIS SPINNER .. its like a High End spinner with a Low end Price

Siberius Wolf says:

Great spinner, but some caveats for potential buyers.
The edges are a little sharp.. not too much chamfering… it would scratch the top of my nail up when I first got it and feel uncomfortable.. but I got used it and that's not an issue anymore.

The buttons are very low and flat.. so it's very difficult for a lot of people to spin it without accidentally rubbing on the arms and slowing it down… so if you get it from FidgetHQ, I HIGHTLY! recommend buying the "Kong Buttons" with your order.

Also the spin is so god damn feedbackless, hardly ANY vibration lol, which I don't like. But I can put a new bearing in it of course.

From FidgetHQ for another 4 dollars, I'd definitely recommend the "Zentri Nano" instead. I fucking love it, it's so good. The edges are super chamfered, no hotspots AT ALL. far better edges. The bearing is a beast, really nice feedback. The size is really nice and super fidgetable. It already comes stock with the Kong Buttons so that makes it slightly cheaper than the C3/Zentri if you also bought the Kong Buttons for it. Definitely recommend the Nano. Seriously. I am also far from being alone on this one lol.

But yea! the C3 is dope.

MrScrappyDoo says:

This did look bigger than it really it is. I love it. I just got the Copper from Spinnercraft. I've a question other than this item. What do you think of a 608 Hybrid Ceramic with 6-balls vs 8-balls?

MrScrappyDoo says:

Hi Fabian, do you think the Titanium version of the Zentri is to light at 48-54 grams? I thought maybe with its small frame 50 grams would be ok.

John Melvin_17 says:

Wow you bought that spinner in the Philippines😍 Bottom right

888football gamer says:

I have the same one 😀

AbztraK says:

I cant get my Zentri buttons off… they are too tight. how can i get them off ??

beefcurtainz69 says:

What's the difference between the nomad and the Grand Spin. They both look very similar

A Non says:

After a few days of browsing the spinner community i couldn't help it anymore. I have now ordered different spinners to decide if i like one shape better than the other. Currently on the way is 1 dual bar (alu), 1 tri-bar (ss), 1 quad bar (ss), 1 hex-bar (ss) and 1 round (ti) on the way. Is there any else shapes worth trying out? What is your prefered materials?

Kevan's Life Story FAM says:

The executive is the exact same thing and I love it

RetroGamingTactics says:

I ordered 3 spinners, I really cant wait to get them!

Akira Riley says:

Spin Space i need some advice. I am tempted to buy this one from FidgetHQ, but you are referring to buying them from fasttech, which is considerably cheaper. I am by no means rich, but i consider it an investment to buy a quality spinner, hence buying from FidgetHQ. Is the quality actually the same from fast tech?

Emin Sarabsky says:

When you're saying "buying from a website", do you mean sites like FidgetHQ or FidgetLA?

rphunt2002 says:

I picked up the C3 from Spinetics. It's pretty hefty, so the unrounded corners can get a little hard on the fingers. Some vibration, but very quiet, I got a table spin time of 3:20. I'm liking it, but also might start looking for something lighter and more curvy and rounded

1960java says:

Just like the 608 is a "skate bearing", the R188 is a "yoyo bearing" they call it a "C" size. If you're having trouble finding a 10 ball R188, there is a yoyo company called One Drop that has been using them for years. A "One Drop size C 10 ball" is available at most yoyo shops if you want to try one.

treysfordayz says:

I recommend getting a Kong button replacements from fidget HQ it really compliments the spinner with a good grip

rphunt2002 says:

I ordered a C3 from Spinetics. Looking forward to it.

Dakota Hartsough says:

You have no life. All you do is review autism toys. Go kys. XD

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