GOLD Fidget Spinner PRANK Call!

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JRW3 says:

Freaking hilarious my friend.I think you made his head spin,lol

Lucas Wingard says:

You may get in most countries Fig detGiveaway without charge their low risk as well as is most effective

Donald in New Mexico says:



You can make an awesome fidget spinner for a very little amount of gold. Remember gold is so dense that a 1 ounce bar could be spread out to cover a football field. That being said, a one ounce of gold or even less could make a very high quality fidget spinner for the supper rich. I say you, got a winner !!

Massachusetts Prepper says:

These prank calls cracked me up LOL thanks for sharing brother.

Bluelightbandit says:

OMG! I absolutely love your prank calls LMFAO! It would be amazing if you called someone and they recognized your voice! I may have to get a side job working in that field in hopes of one day getting a call from you. After pissing myself from the uncontrolled laughter, I would say…" Sal…WTF are you doing? And how much money do you want? Great stuff man, love it!

James Hopkins says:

OMG Sal, you are F'n hilarious man! I remember making prank calls when I was a kid, recording them & then sharing them with friends… we'd laugh so much… thanks for making us laugh at this fiat scam driven world. Don't ever grow up brother!

Good Tips says:

another money laundering business πŸ˜€ thumbs up!

silver supplement says:

It's too funny man. Thanks for giving it back to them. My damn phone rings everyday with people trying to sell me crap.

SilverStrike says:

This guy lacks enthusiasm. He doesn't have the vision it's going to take for you to go viral. I say drop him and try someone else.

11robert11 says:

great job sal he was on the hook big time. silvet fidget cast i might try one

Slabiak Rare Coins says:

I love the prank calls and how you educate at the same time Genius… lol…

Daniel Bull Runner Lamb says:

I am making a silver fidget I am pattening it.. LmFAO

Nelson rodriguez says:

awesome video

Silver Hippie says:

You are my kinda messed up Sal✌

Silver Jaguar says:

LMFAO you just turned my horrible day into a remarkably awesome day

RB50 says:

The funniest thing about this is that the idea is actually golden within itself, no pun intended. LOL!


At 2,500 put us down for 2…and throw in a Bat….lol:)))

Adrian FC82 says:

"so how can you help me out brother" haha!

Chef Caponejr says:

I think you had him Sal lol I think another 15 seconds you to give you the money

Christopher Sanchez says:

haha I had to take my silver one out and play with it as I watched this recording.

Russell Bury says:

Ive just had to google fidget spinner, whatever rock i live under has sheltered me from the knowledge of such a device, like a perpexed crab im scuttling back under my rock for a little while longer to reminisce about yoyos and the hope i once had for mankind.

Golden Arms says:

u crazy fker

Silvermana says:

I once did a prototype of "Twister" using gold, silver, platinum, palladium bullion for the 'dots'. Didn't work to well as the 'dots' kept on disappearing with each spin. Then I tried "Tip-It" with center drilled gold / silver rounds… the little guy on top never stood a chance.
Love the vid Sal

RLeafs says:

Great idea….Where do I get mine!!! J/K love the video!

Aneia says:

Lmao Great!!! They need to finger some GoldπŸ…

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