Hand Fidget Spinner Penny Triple Cents EDC ADHD Focus Stress Reducer Test Review ThinkUnBoxing 4k

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Hand Fidget Spinner Penny Triple Cents - https://goo.gl/ePa3K6

Hand Fidget Spinner Penny Triple Cents EDC ADHD Focus Stress Reducer Test Review ThinkUnBoxing 4k

High Quality: Three pole tri design EDC spinner, pure copper body with Cent Dollar Limited Edition inserts and removable stainless steel bearings for the ultimate spinner gyroscope, NO repaire, oil, maintenance needed.
More Balance Fidget Hand Spinner: Flick and spin for hours with just one or both hands. Guarantee 1 - 3 minutes Spin Time! (This depends on the power you use to spin). Great For Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake On Long Car Drives, Etc. Helps Relieve Stress.
Easy To Carry: Compact and light weight, small enough to carry in your pocket everyday. Simple,discrete and fun to play everywhere, effective for focus and deep thought.
Excellent Play Toy: Challenge your friends in a contest to see who can spin it the best, the more you spin the toy the longer it will last. Achieve longer spinner timers and be the record holder! Practice and learn new tricks that will impress your friends!
How to Play: Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice.

Applicable user:

Help ADHD and ADD suffers reduce stress and anxiety

Childs and adults with autism

Exercise children's hands, help them stay focus

Quit bad habits such as biting nails and clicking pens

People who like twirling pens or rolling coins

Kill boredom and waiting time

How to use:

Hold the fidget spinner in one hand, then use your other hand to flick it rapidly.

Place it on the table, press the center bearing with one hand, then flick it with another hand.

Just be creative!

Hand Fidget Spinner Penny Triple cents EDC ADHD Focus Stress Reducer


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Eric Coreaz says:

Can I pretty please have a petty one I love you videos notifications on and everybody keeps bragging it's annoying I love you video my notifications are on I like the video too keep it up

Rehan Akram says:

I like the silver one…..coz the other one looks little rusted and little old…….the silver fidget spinner looks more attractive to me .

Amy McDonald says:

Can I please have a fidget spinner because I don't have one and I barely even know what they are

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Think UnBoxing I want one because I don't have one and I'm subscribed and liked the video hope I win..PLZ!PLZ! give me

Vaishant Ashutosh says:

Can I please get one design is awesome

Sonita White says:

I like how the pennies are used as the outside barring and the shiny color

Sonita White says:

I like the video because it shows how well the spinner spins and how quiet it sounds

Hema ingalagi says:

fidget spinner is boring and waste of money you don't give me

Clash Royale Tipps says:

I want one because it will reduce my Stress

Z1 Zombee says:

Nice penny's lol

Lmon 750 says:

#je participe

Ryan Collins says:

Hi I want one because it's cool

natsu dragneel says:

j'aimerait vraiment en avoir un car je fais une collection de spinners

Nursyakiera Isabel says:

I would love to have one please as my collection and it would be awesome 👏 and nice 👍

ms vlogs ms vlogs says:

i want spinnet beacouse i dont have spinner

NuikopeaDemon says:

I would love one because well you guys are awesome and also just saw the spin time on that spinner and holy moly I would definitely want that lol

And also were you playing with a Gameboy Advance Micro when you timing the spinner 😀

moohooman says:

They are so cool

Lmon 750 says:

j'aimerais avoir ce spinner car je fait collection

Super YouTuber says:

I want a fidget spinner because this is my only chance

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I want one because it would be my first metal fidget spinner!

Its ophé !! says:

c'est moi en veut un il est trop stylé

Brooke and Brody's channel says:

I don't know 🤷🏻‍♀️ what it means either

Brooke and Brody's channel says:

I haven't seen them any where they are so cool 😎 I really want one they are so so cool 😎 I would want the one cent one that's the one I like the most my name is Brooke I love this channel so much.😃

Roberto Acevedo says:

I would like to win one because I have a friend that has a last name called penny and winning this spinner would be funny since he is a penny playing with a penny spinner. This spinner is a gift for my friend and also a little joke.

David Herrera says:

I want one because it looks cool thanks

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